Awni Hannun


This page contains links to technical writing related to machine learning. I also keep a blog which I update infrequently. Visit my publications page for research articles.

  • An Introduction to Weighted Automata in Machine Learning, Awni Hannun, 2021.
    web page, PDF
    A longer tutorial with accompanying Python notebooks introducing weighted finite-state automata and their applications in machine learning.
  • The History of Speech Recognition to the Year 2030, Awni Hannun, 2021.
    arXiv, blog post, slides, source
    A short article in which I discuss some expected trends in speech research and applications over the coming decade.
  • The Label Bias Problem, Awni Hannun, Technical Report, 2019.
    PDF, blog post, source
    A short introduction to the label bias problem encountered in sequence classification models.